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Increase brand visibility and engagement using Gilco Digitals proven, consumer intent-based research to Instagram marketing. We use intensive, targeted keyword research based on an analysis of current and competitor keyword use, as well as trending keyword and hashtag usage on Instagram. By utilizing customized descriptions infused with keywords and trending hashtags, we increase brand visibility related to channel searches. We identify key influencers to increase followers and promote engagement, ultimately increasing brand visibility and driving web traffic.

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Over the 4 years that we have been in business, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully increase theirs fans and engagement on various different social media networks. We have perfected the formula to getting the most results out of your social media marketing campaigns and we provide it to you with no hassles, guaranteed results, and simplicity.

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  • Three posts per week with pictures provided by the client in advance
  • Monitor and respond to follower interaction (comments, image/video tags) twice on weekdays
  • Post up to 4 interactions per day
  • Live event coverage once per month for local DFW clients
  • Link Instagram account to Facebook page – Twitter only by request, or live events
  • We guarantee 100% increase in follower interaction with your posts or money back guarantee.

Just take a look at the client samples below, to see what your Instagram will be like. Our clients are averaging 10+ comments & 100+ likes per post!

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Are you tired of losing potential customers and revenues due to poor marketing? Our service literally pays itself off, from all the prospective leads you get. Let’s get you started today with our monthly Instagram services.

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